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Ride to work on 11th of August

Today it was a new best although I had medium headwind
I hope that I will get the 1h30min mark this year :-)

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Running on Saturday 10th of August

All these workouts are to prepare for Triathlon on 1st of September in Podersdorf.

This training was a Iintervall Training.

1km running for warmup
15x400m 90% with 2minutes break
1km running for cool down

The workout was recorded with Freeletics Run

Swimming workout on Friday 9th of August

This workout was recorded with Apple Watch

Ride home on Thursday 8th of August

Nice ride but very hard because of wind

Dear motorized road users

You don't have to show me that I am crazy by tapping your forehead. In german we have a phrase for that. "To show someone the bird". My website is www.donnervogel.at! That means thunderbird. So I know I have a "Vogel". A really big one. I know that I am crazy. If I was not crazy I would not do that what I do ;-)

But when it feels liberating then do not hesitate. I think I can handle that.

Here is the analysis of my ride to work today

Run on 6th of August 2019

Swim Training on Monday 5th of August 2019

Yesterday I had a break from sport. I have to do this in the future because I want to make healthy sports.
So I decided to go for a hike with my family. We went hiking to the Schneeberg. It was a fantastic day.
But on Monday I already did the next workout for my next Triathlon Competition in Podersdorf on 1st of September 2019.
It was a swim training.

1 x 200m warmup with chest stroke
2 x 1000m freestyle
1 x 200m cool down with chest stroke